Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kroger Trip

This is how far I can stretch $1 at Kroger.
Well, actually it was 98 cents, but who's counting?

This is 20 cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken soup and 10 Colgate toothbrushes.
Grand Total: 98 cents

Meijer Trip

This was a pretty good Meijer trip. I saved $78 and spent $24!
This is what I bought:
8 Marie Callender's Fresh Flavor Steamers
8 Totino's Pizza Rolls
2 Green Peppers
1 Red Pepper
1 bunch of Cilantro
1 pack of grape tomatoes
1 Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar
1 Multipack Yoplait Kids yogurt
1 Red Gold ketchup
10 containers of Best Life Buttery Spread
8 Smart Balance Fat Free Milk (half gallon)
1 5-pound package of boneless skinless chicken breasts

Kroger's Customer (Dis)service

I've been standing at Kroger for 20 minutes because thy "weren't sure" if they could accept all my coupons. What??? Every coupon I handed them is valid and I bought all of the required items. If this continues, this will be the last visit I make to Kroger anytime soon. I take it they don't enjoy giving me 20 Campbell's soups and ten toothbrushes for 80 cents?

Too bad. Lol
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Update: A manager by the name of "Mr. Campbell" came to ring up my transaction and he was very helpful! He explained to the not-so-intelligent cashiers (yes, there were two of them) that the manufacturer will pay Kroger back for the coupons. Thank God someone in that place had a brain.

Rug Doctor Rental only $14.99 at Kroger

Need to clean your carpets but don't have a shampooer? Check out this deal!
Kroger has their Rug Doctors available to rent for $24.99 until 11/17/10.

Use this coupon for $10 off and pay only $14.99!

(Almost) Free Campbell's Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup!

Kroger has Campbell's Cream of Mushroom AND Cream of Chicken soup on sale for .99
If you buy any 10 participating items, you instantly save $5.
There's a coupon here (make sure you get the one from the right side of the screen) for $1.50/3 Campbell's great for cooking soups.

Buy 10 cans of soup, your total will be $9.90 - $5.00 instantly taken off instantly.
Your total will be $4.90
Then use 3 coupons for $1.50 off 3.
Your total will be .40 for 10 cans. Not bad! :)

Free Best Life Buttery Spread

Meijer has Best Life buttery spread on price drop for .99 until December 5.
Use the $1 coupon here to get it free!

(Thanks to Give Me Neither)